Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

Almond flour is the finely grounded powder that you derive from the fleshy tissue of blanched almonds. Nowadays diets like gluten free diets and raw food diets are becoming increasingly popular with dietitians and nutritionists. This has increased the use of almond meal or flour in various recipes and menu items. Let us see how best you can use this flour.

Step 1 – You should conduct a thorough research on the nutritional benefits of almond flour chocolate chip cookies. If you are looking forward to using this flour in the kitchen, it will be a good idea to know its nutritional significance and health benefits. Many people just get attracted by a craze diet and start following it, without first understanding the reason behind the definite food product or diet. People who tend to do this end up lacking the basic elements of the diet and may not be able to gain the health benefits that the diet is supposed to provide.

a) Almonds are known as a super food as they offer a lot of nutritional significance, because they are high in vitamin content, protein levels and antioxidant levels.

b) Almond flour is a popular alternative to wheat flour as it is low in carbohydrates and has zero gluten

Step 2 – Look for recipes using the flour of almonds. If you want to use this flour in your cooking, you will have to look for recipes that have it effectively.

a) There are many cookbooks that contain gluten free recipes which use the flour of almonds. This is because it contains no gluten and also is approved as useful in the diet of raw food.

b) These recipe books easily available in the market and on the internet can give you great ideas of how to get the most out of the flour of almonds and you will discover that this is a very versatile ingredient for recipes.

Step 3 – Make your own Almond Flour. If you want to make sure that your flour is extremely wholesome and fresh, you can make your own flour of almonds with a mill or food processor. Because this flour is simply a powdered form of blanched almonds, anyone can make their own flour.

a) Fill a flour mill or food processor with unsalted and blanched almonds. Crush them till they are converted into a very fine powder.

b) Suppose the pulverized almonds tend to clump into a creamy consistency, you can add ½ cup sugar with every 2 cups of almonds. The sugar will act as an absorbent for the moisture.

c) In order to get a powdery consistency instead of a buttery one, you can also use a coffee grinder instead of a food processor or flour mill.

Step 4 – Purchase almond flour from health stores. If you don’t want to spend the time and energy in making your own flour, you can buy wholesome and fresh flour of almonds from the local store that sell health foods.

a) Flour of almonds has a very short shelf life because it is made from blanched almonds. Therefore you need to keep it in a refrigerator.

Step 5 – Using this flour to thicken any dish. This is one of the simplest ways of using the flour of almonds.

a) You can use the flour of almonds as a thickening agent instead of flour or cornstarch in a stew or soup.

b) Almonds don’t have a very strong flavor. Thus, the almond flour will not change the taste of the dish.

Step 6 – Use flour of almonds as a substitute for wheat flour.

a) To use this flour as a substitute for wheat flour you may have to add rice flour, potato flour or xantham gum which act like the gluten contained in wheat flour.

Step 7 – Using the flour of almonds as an additive in desserts and sweets. This is one of the finest ways to use this flour. You can add it to smoothies as well as different types of desserts and because of the naturally nutty and sweet flavor of almonds they are perfect to add to any sweet.

a) You can sprinkle almond flour on cookies or use it in ice cream to create an original recipe.

Step 8 – Almond flour can be used in a diet of raw food as a staple item.

Hence, this flour can be used in a variety of ways when you want extra nutrition or you are opting for gluten free or raw food diet.


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