Getting simple Almond flour cookies recipe online

Almond flour is always a very healthy food for each and every person from small age to adults. When it compared to the youngsters, the adults after some particular age should need to compulsorily add Almond flour in their daily foods. It will totally improve their health with no any diseases or disorders. Sometimes Almond flour will be boring to them so they can simply make tasty cookie using the Almond flour and make it special. If they take Almond flour in the form of cookies, it will definitely be tasty and very interesting to all. Here is an easy almond flour chocolate chip cookies recipe with the simple and easily available ingredients. The preparers need to take 7 ounces of all purpose flour, I tsp of baking soda, ½ tsp of salt, ½ tsp of ground cinnamon, 2 ½ cups old fashioned oats, 8 ounces slightly softened unsalted butter, ½ cup of granulated sugar, 1 cup of packed light brown sugar, 2 large eggs beaten lightly, 1 tbsp of honey, 1 tsp pure vanilla extract for flavor, 5 ounces of chopped pecans, and 6 ounces of dried cranberries.

These are simple ingredients easily obtainable in all houses. With the help of these simple ingredients, the home makers can easily make tasty and very healthy Almond flour cookies at home using the dry cranberries. In the first step, they have to preheat their oven at 350 degrees F for making it ready for baking the cookies. This preheating of the oven is too important to quickly make the cookies with the correct texture and flavor. The individuals need to mix all the dry ingredients together in a small pan not including the sugar. Then they need to stir this mixer in the oats for deeply mixing all ingredients together. Then the preparers need to add two eggs for beating then they can scrape down the bowl. After mixing all these ingredients, they can add pure vanilla extract and honey for blending.

This vanilla extract will give an excellent flavor to this cookies and honey will give a natural sugar for sweet taste. Then they can add all purpose flour for mixing all the ingredients well for making the best combination to prepare cookies. Then the people can add pecans and cranberries at the end of the stirring and change a mixture into a pan. In the next step, they need to place this mixture in the cookies pan and bake at the 350 degree heat in the oven. After the cookies are baked, then they can remove it from the oven. The individuals need to give few minutes to freeze it. This
almond flour chocolate chip cookies will be good and easy for the home makers. They can simply mix all the ingredients and bake it in the oven. While placing the mixture on the pan, they have to make it at least 2 inches slices as directed. After the cookies baked, it will be good in 1 ½ size of cookies for tasting. Everyone needs to try these healthy cookies at home.


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