Preparation of crispy and crunchy almond flour cookies in home

If you like to have a healthy cookie in your snack time then you can search it in the internet. In online you can get more number of recipe preparations with videos. In that almond flour cookies are the most excellent one for your health. Before starting the preparation of almond flour chocolate chip cookies first you want to preheat the oven to 350 degree Fahrenheit. Then take a mixing bowl and add two cups of all purpose flour into it. Now you want to add half tea spoon of grounded cinnamon and one tea spoon of baking powder into it. The cinnamon gives the rich flavor of this cookie. Add one tea spoon of baking soda into the bowl. Mix it well these ingredients and set aside for some time.

Now you want to take small bowl. Add one table spoon of pure vanilla extract into the bowl. You can prefer any flavour of extract as per your personal preference. It is not compulsory to choose only vanilla extract. Then add three table spoons of milk into it. Take two large eggs and with the help of ladle break it and pour into small bowl. Mix these ingredients well and set aside for some time. Now the two mixtures in two separate bowls get ready. Now you want to use the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment machine for the mixing purpose. In that machine you want to add half pound of unsalted butter and one cup of light brown sugar into it. You can also use salted butter but unsalted is the right one for almond flour chocolate chip cookies and so it will give you the delicious taste. Then you want to add half cup of granulated sugar into it.

Now you want to process the machine in medium speed until you get light and fluffy mixture content. In this stage you want to decrease the machine to low speed so that you can add milk mixture which is already prepared. Then you want to beat well for some time. At this time you want to add flour mixture into the mixer. You want to mix it until you get the good combination of all mixture. After this you want to remove the bowl from the electric machine and add three cups of fashioned oats into the bowl. And then add one cup of dried cranberries into it. The cranberry is the major ingredient in this recipe. You want to stir it well until you obtain the perfect mixture. Place the mixture into the refrigerator for two hours or leave it for overnight so that you can get the strong content. Take the baking sheets and place the two table spoons of dough in the paper and repeat this process for remaining mixture. You want to press with the bottom of a glass to flatten the content. At this stage you want to place the mixture in the preheat oven and bake until you get the golden colour of the cookie. Then remove from the oven and enjoy the rich taste of delicious cookie.


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