The Secret to Perfect Almond Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies

Why is that whenever you see a recipe with the finished almond flour chocolate chip cookies pictured and then try to duplicate those cookies they never come out “just right”? It’s just like the  burger king commercials that tempt you with a giant juicy burger just sitting there all plump and juicy but once you go and purchase the burger, what you get ends up being a shriveled piece of meat stuck between 2 dry pieces of bun!

Do you want your almond flour chocolate chip cookies to come out soft and chewy every single time? The secret to perfect almond flour chocolatee chip cookies is really very simple! And you’ll be able to create them with any chocolate chip formula at your disposal.

The problem with most almond flour chocolate chip cookie recipes is they have you drop a spoonful on a cookie sheet and bake them for 9 to 12 minutes until the tops are golden brown. That is too long! By the time the tops are golden brown, your bottoms will be dark brown, or worse, burnt. After the cookies have baked this long, removing them from the oven during this over-baked condition and having them stand solely causes them to harden up like jawbreakers. Instead of soft, chewy cookies that soften in your mouth, you finish up with onerous, crunchy cookies with burnt bottoms.

Dropping larger amounts on the cooking tray to create larger cookies doesn’t work. It takes longer for the center of the cookie to bake and you continue to find yourself with burnt bottoms and onerous cookies.

Instead of following the formula directions to bake nine to twelve minutes, underbake your cookies by a couple of minutes. The first time you are attempting this, you may need to play about with the time and also the size of your cookie drops to induce the right chocolate chip cookie for your oven. But, as a general rule, after you put your cookie tray in your oven (always on the top rack), set your timer for 6 to 8 minutes. When you pull your cookies out, the entire top should NOT be golden brown. Instead, the peaks of the highest of the cookie ought to simply be turning brown. At this point, the entire bottom of your cookie is golden brown and the rest of cookie is the same color as the batter. Nothing makes someone really feel a lot more at home than do-it-yourself
almond flour chocolate chip cookies (CCC). Its easy to see why so many kids grew up loving fresh cookies and it’s really the  first thing that most folks think about for their comfort food. Thinking about home made
almond flour chocolate chip cookies almost always brings a smile to the majority of men and women not simply as a result of how good these treats tastes yet as a result of the actual way it was a portion of his or her growing up. Most of the people think back to their years as a child  whenever they get to take a bite out of homemade (CCC). These are simple to make and for a number of purposes moms (along with dads) really like the
idea of baking these, with their little kids, because of this bonding fun and of course the tasty treat at the end.
I know in my house both my youngest and eldest child love baking with me and it’s good fun quality family time with us all mixing adding little extras to the recipe and laughing in today’s hetic world it’s nice to have a few house of family time and the kitchen is the ideal place

All this writing about them has now made me hungry so I’m off to the kitchen with the kids to make some delicious warm treats.


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